Same old same old

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“New ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie rejects suggestions most of the broadcaster’s journalists have a left-wing bias.”

I mean, really, what she’s saying is if you think the ABC presenters are left wing, you should see the people who come to dinner parties at my house.

The ABC’s new managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has conceded the national broadcaster “can do better” at presenting a wider range of political views – while hitting back at critics who believe its journalists have a left-wing bias.

“I don’t see that as true at all,” Ms Guthrie said in a wide-ranging interview with The Weekend Australian Magazine, published tomorrow.

“People view any organisation from their own biases and my sense is that I think we do a very good job in covering the gamut of opinion. But I always think we can do better.

“That’s why I’m very conscious of making sure we are very reflective of the Australian population. I feel we do have a lot of editorial processes in place and we just need to make sure we adhere to them. I feel very confident those processes are well adhered to.”

Could be but how can I tell? Other than the occasional Q&A – where there is no end of evidence of a leftward bias – I stopped watching the ABC years ago.

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