The Murdoch-Trump alliance

I might start being able to read The Oz again: Why Rupert Murdoch Decided to Back Donald Trump. It is dearly to be wished. From which:

The Murdoch-Trump alliance is the result of at least two private meetings between the billionaires this spring as well as phone calls from Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Murdoch’s view, according to those who’ve spoken with him, is that Trump is a winner whom the “elites” failed to take seriously. “He doesn’t like people to be snobs and treat Trump like a clown,” one person explained. Murdoch’s outlook is also informed by his take on the winnowed GOP field. When it came down to the final three candidates, Murdoch simply saw Trump as the best option. “He never liked Cruz,” the source explained. Kasich made a personal pitch to Murdoch that he could win on a second ballot at the convention, but failed to persuade. In March, Murdoch tweeted that the GOP would “be mad not to unify” behind Trump.

And hopefully after our election, he can have another look at Turnbull again, assuming the Libs win, of course. I look forward to Niki Savva’s next book on The Subtle Genius and Hidden Strengths of Tony Abbott. But first the Coalition has to win.

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