Idiots led by idiots

This remains the single most important story of the Obama years. It highlights the incompetent ignorance of the Obama administration which is matched by the ignorant incompetence of the American media. This is by John Schindler: As Boyish Ben Rhodes Drops Truth Bombs, Obama’s Media Mask Crumbles.

Across the country, wherever people gather to talk national security, the hot topic for days now has been the New York Times Magazine’s big interview with Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s foreign policy guru-cum-salesman. Especially inside the Beltway, Mr. Rhodes’ pointed comments about his work—particularly his admissions about manipulation of the media to sell Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran—have caused a stir that’s unlikely to die down soon.

It is not just a scandal as in routine errors of misjudgement. It exposes everything that Obama has done in foreign policy as not just hollow and empty but as positively endangering the survival of the West. Australia’s national security – the entire national security of the West – is dependent on the United States so when you seen it run by far-left ideological zombies with zero background knowledge or historical understanding in any of the matters they are dealing with, it ought to terrify you. There is no one in charge who wishes to protect our interests. There is no one guarding us as we sleep. We are being sold down the river. That to my knowledge this has not been raised anywhere in Australia truly reminds me of what a sleeply hollow we are. So how was Obama able to get away with it? How could American foreign policy be left in the hands of a 38 year failed novelist with absolute zero background in international relations? Back to Mr Schindler:

Mr. Rhodes made it plain that the reporters he deals with every day—that’s the essence of his job—are idiots.

“They literally know nothing,” he explained. “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns.” It’s difficult to deny the truth of that statement, and any journalist who’s being honest won’t try. With the decline of foreign bureaus, a distressing number of those reporting on national security and foreign affairs are pretty much as Mr. Rhodes described them.

Idiots led by idiots. It is the same as the Jonathan Gruber story about how Obamacare was sold on a continuous series of outright lies that were never exposed by the media. Obama’s election and re-election occurred in exactly the same way. Everyone who paid any attention all had from the beginning understood that Obama was allowing the Iranians to secure nuclear weapons that will have devastating consequences in the years to come. And it has been a media cover up, because the media is 90% left-wing trolls.

The American economy, turning to my own expertise, is being managed at about the same level of competence, with the same level of media attention, as foreign policy. We are flying blind and if nothing is done to change direction, we will eventually crash into the side of the mountain.

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