Why only Number 3?

I am going to have to stop reading The AFR while trying to eat my lunch if they keep coming up with articles like this: PM Malcolm Turnbull comes in No. 3 on President Barack Obama’s best-friends list. I can see why they might have an affinity for each other. What gets me is why Obama’s high approval is not the kiss of death for Malcolm.

President Obama may be in Havana but Malcolm Turnbull can relax knowing he’s one of the top three world leaders on the president’s besties list.

The Atlantic magazine writes that the man in the White House “has intense relationships with many world leaders – and he has become, in his last years as president, a mentor to a handful of important new ones”.

The magazine put world leaders “on a continuum reflecting the state of their relations with Obama”, and Turnbull, who’s only been in the job six months, places quite well coming in third after Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It is clear that Obama can spot a kindred spirit, another empty-headed narcissist lacking any ideas other than the cookie-cutter inanities of the left. Global warming – check. Open borders – check. Runaway public spending – check.

But the part about Obama’s comments on Malcolm that I found most noteworthy is that I only saw them mentioned once and then only in a small article on page 7 of The AFR. It can only mean that even for the ABC, an endorsement from Obama brings no political momentum whatsoever. This might help you understand why that could be:

Just outside the top 10 are more controversial choices, including Cuban dictator Raul Castro at No. 11, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who placed twelfth, and at No. 13, Nicaragua’s “tiresome Marxist ideologue” and president Daniel Ortega.

You really do have to ask why Obama’s views have not wrecked the Democrat brand? Anyway, Obama will be gone in a year. Yay!

UPDATE – THE MOST DEPRAVED POLITICAL LEADER EVER ELECTED IN THE WEST: That year cannot pass soon enough. This is from an article titled, For Obama, Muted Reaction to Brussels Attacks Is by Design, with the non-reaction having occurred while he was in Cuba visiting a country that has been a one-man dictatorship since 1959!

In the aftermath of a deadly terror attack that stirred Americans’ concerns about the potential for threats to the U.S., President Barack Obama pressed ahead with his tour of Latin America, including a planned family excursion in Patagonia.

Mr. Obama’s public appearance of nonchalance has drawn criticism from Republicans that he is detached from Americans’ fears and isn’t sufficiently countering violent extremism. But his approach partly reflects his belief that overreacting to a terrorist attack—however horrific—elevates extremist groups like Islamic State in a way that exaggerates their influence, his aides have said.

Also driving Mr. Obama is his view that the threat of terrorism in Americans’ daily lives often is overstated, and that the focus on it could become self-paralyzing and an excuse to adopt misguided policies. His aides often note that many more Americans are killed by gun violence than terrorist attacks, for instance.

Mr. Obama, asked about the Islamic State threat Wednesday at a news conference in Buenos Aires with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, urged Americans not to give terrorist groups the power “to strike fear in our societies.”

“Even as we are systematic and ruthless and focused in going after them, disrupting their networks, getting their leaders, rolling up their operations, it is very important for us to not respond with fear,” he said. “We send a message to those that might be inspired by them to say, you are not going to change our values of liberty, and openness, and the respect of all people.”

If you voted for Obama, or supported him either in 2008 or 2012, your right to comment on the 2016 election is hereby rescinded.

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