Commentators are insulated from the ramifications of failure

The Ruling Class Is King George III which has as its sub-head, “The 2016 cycle has seen an utter collapse of the established order of things”, wherein we find this very pertinent remark:

Politics is a business often insulated from the ramifications of failure. Like an ESPN commentator who is always wrong, the commentariat and the consultant class are not penalized for making mistakes with the frequency of people who pick stocks or games in Vegas. But the mistakes made this cycle are going to resonate because they reveal how distant the ruling class was from the people – that they might as well be separated by an ocean.

If you are someone who lives in and among the elite, ask yourself if you know anyone legitimately supporting the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination – people who think Donald Trump is a good leader, or that Ted Cruz is a good man. If the answer is no, re-examine whether the knowledge you bring to this race is accurate, or skewed by the bubble that surrounds you, which kept suggesting all the way to the end that Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, or Marco Rubio could happen. Because they are not going to happen.

Of course, if you know me, you know someone who supports Trump. And I, as it happens, know one other who supports Trump. But we are very hard to find among the highly educated, I can tell you that. A Trump majority would occur in almost no media organisation in the world and on virtually no university campus, even restricting the ballot to those who teach. So if not us, then who is it, and why are we so cut off from what others think?

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