Understanding the death of the West – READ THIS!

This is an article of such uncommon sense that it amazes me that it could be published at all. The title says it all: How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam. You must open at the link and you must read it. I will add a quote here but again, you have to read it all. I have chosen the quote only to bring to your attention the writings of Phyllis Chesler:

American writer Phyllis Chesler has sharply criticized her sisters in books such as The Death of Feminism. She feels that too many feminists have abandoned their commitment to freedom and “become cowardly herd animals and grim totalitarian thinkers,” thus failing to confront Islamic terrorism. She paints a portrait of current U.S. University campuses as steeped in “a new and diabolical McCarthyism” spearheaded by leftist rhetoric.

Chesler has a point. Judging from the rhetoric of many feminists, all the oppression in the world comes from Western men, who are oppressing both women and non-Western men. Muslim immigrants are “fellow victims” of this bias. At best, they may be patriarchal pigs, but no worse than Western men. Many Western universities have courses filled with hate against men that would be unthinkable the other way around. That’s why Scandinavian feminists don’t call for Scandinavian men to show a more traditional masculinity and protect them against aggression from Muslim men. Most Norwegian feminists are also passionate anti-racists who will oppose any steps to limit Muslim immigration as “racism and xenophobia.”

Now read it all. If this doesn’t scare you, you have not been paying attention, although many very unpleasant things will be brought to your attention in the very near future.

[Picked up at Instapundit]

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