And seven days later it has indeed all become last week’s news

From the distant past: C’mon, seven days from now it will all be last week’s news, “it” of course being the mass migration to and ISIS attacks in the heart of Europe. And so it has turned out, even as back to Paris we go. This time for the climate summit, where everyone can take their brave and transgressive positions on the greatest non-issue in history. The headline today at Drudge:


Good to know they are taking these issues seriously. Therefore, from The Wall Street Journal we have Matt Ridley and Benny Peiser with Your Complete Guide To The Paris Climate Summit. Here’s how it starts which only shows you once again how obsessive some people are about things that don’t matter:

In February President Obama said, a little carelessly, that climate change is a greater threat than terrorism. Next week he will be in Paris, a city terrorized yet again by mass murderers, for a summit with other world leaders on climate change, not terrorism. What precisely makes these world leaders so convinced that climate change is a more urgent and massive threat than the incessant rampages of Islamist violence?

It cannot be what is happening to world temperatures, because they have gone up only very slowly, less than half as fast as the scientific consensus predicted in 1990 when the global-warming scare began in earnest. Even with this year’s El Niño-boosted warmth threatening to break records, the world is barely half a degree Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than it was about 35 years ago. Also, it is increasingly clear that the planet was significantly warmer than today several times during the past 10,000 years.

Whatever the temperatures were, are and will be, the planet is warming and we must act now to prevent catastrophe fifty years from now or maybe it’s a hundred. It warms the heart finally to see political leaders taking a longer-term perspective, not chaining themselves to the immediate moment and the election cycle, as they can almost inevitably be expected to do.

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