Obama the only one in step

The title is, President Obama, a ‘tortured genius’, but you need to define a genius of the tortured variety before you can see what he means. So here he does just that:

A “tortured genius” . . . is someone who, no matter how obvious the failing or how fair and valid the criticism, accepts no blame and denies all responsibility. In the mind of such a leader, the rest of the world simply can’t see the “genius” in what they do.

In truth, this type of leader lives in denial of the facts as they are, rationalizing actions and refusing to alter or adapt strategies to win. To such a person, maintaining the illusion that he is right is somehow more important than mission success. We have all known a tortured genius or, perhaps at times, have been one ourselves. Such a leader can be a serious detriment the performance of any team and the chief obstacle to victory.

Even here the problem is that unless you understand what Obama is trying to achieve, you have no idea whether he is succeeding or not. To understand what Obama is trying to do, all you need to do is read this from George Soros. No President, in my view, has ever succeeded in achieving his ends better than Obama. It’s just that his ends are not our ends, but in his own lights, there is no one more successful than him.

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