These people are idiots

Look, the Government has finally cut some of its spending: Greg Hunt says he killed off Tony Abbott’s weather bureau inquiry.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt (1) has claimed responsibility for having “killed off” the Abbott government’s proposed investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology’s climate modelling, as he (2) also stepped back from plans to erode green activists’ legal standing to challenge major projects.

The weather bureau has sustained heavy criticism over its “homogenisation” of climate records to account for artificial changes in the environment, such as rapid urbanisation, that critics say has exaggerated the impact of global warming.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information have revealed Tony Abbott’s department last year canvassed establishing a taskforce to carry out “due diligence” on the bureau’s climate records to ensure public confidence following a series of critical articles in The Australian.

Mr Hunt confirmed the question was raised with his department by Mr Abbott’s officials.

“My answer was very clear: we have perhaps the best or one of the best meteorological organisations in the world. I have full confidence in their data and the idea was killed at that point,” the Environment Minister told the ABC’s Lateline program.

This business about the weather bureau being one of the best in the world may even be true, which is all the more reason not only for us to have gone and looked but for others to look as well.

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