Parties of the left must lie to get elected

From the United States:

And from Australia:

It is just as straightforward as anything in politics I know. The left lies and are not then corrected by the media. Neither of the above were minor issues of no substance. In both instances the lie was vital to gathering the votes necessary to win an election. Had Obama said that you will not be able to keep your health plan, or had Gillard said that there would be a carbon tax under the government she led, both would almost certainly have lost the elections they were both then in the midst of.

Now we are dealing with the absolute falsehoods surrounding Dyson Heydon. The real issue is whether there are a series of corrupt union officials who are syphoning huge amounts from the unions they lead while selling out the workers they represent. The issue is not whether the Commission is run by someone who may or may not in the privacy of the polling booth vote for the Coalition. Labor must lie, and in lying must depend on the media for protection. To say or print the truth in this instance, that yes there does appear to be evidence of quite a bit of union corruption, would not pave the way to election success for Labor. The ALP knows it, which is why it is trying to discredit Heydon, and the media knows it, which is why they are trying to do the same. We live in very dangerous times, when the media, who clearly understand what they are doing in protecting such corruption from being recognised by every voter across the nation, does all it can to hide, distort and mislead, with the unmistakeable intention of doing what it can so that Labor can win the next election. Without the full blown assistance of the media, parties of the left could never win, or at least not with the values they now represent.

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