John Howard is yesterday’s man and should keep his thoughts to himself

I came across this yesterday morning in The OZ: “Donald Trump is not fit for office: John Howard”.

John Howard has described ­Donald Trump’s behaviour as “appalling” and “atrocious” for not accepting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election and seeking to overturn the result, and declared him utterly “unfit” to return to the White House.

It continues from there in the same vein. For a third-rate politician who was blessed with having Peter Costello as Treasurer and for which I cannot recall any serious accomplishment, except to lose his own seat in trying to “fix” industrial relations, he really doesn’t know when to shut up.

Trump so outclassed everyone and especially Hillary and Biden, that if Howard were capable of learning he would keep his mouth shut. He’s a typical Democrat with not a policy thought worth considering.

2 thoughts on “John Howard is yesterday’s man and should keep his thoughts to himself

  1. At the very least, one has to wonder about the calibre of Donald Trump’s staff, not only while serving as President, but now as a “former” President. As Judge Andrew Napolitano describes the backstory to the issuing of the search warrant, apparently a “confederate” informed the authorities about documents Mr Trump “unlawfully” had in his possession.

    Mr Napolitano also criticises Mr Trump’s “woefully inadequate” legal team, who signed off that all questionable documents were returned, as previously ordered. Apparently not. There seems to be a “deep state” that frustrated the President while in office, and are now “enabling” his indictment in criminal court.

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