Covid imbeciles

Personally I think we will continue to have mask mandates because more than half the population remains scared and will continue that way. From Instapundit:

 Biden’s symptoms ‘continue to improve significantly,’ says White House physician.

If a 79-year-old man in apparent decline health can recover so quickly while suffering so little, then it’s time for even the worst panic-mongers to admit the emergency is over.

A real leader!

2 thoughts on “Covid imbeciles

  1. An ex-UN doctor was interviewed on Sky today. It seems the messaging on masks has been all wrong. People think that the masks protect them, she said. But it’s the other way ‘round; masks protect others from you, which means you have wider responsibilities and so should mask. So they think they can shame us into it.

  2. b4 covid-19 there were 19 peer reviewed articles on why masks were ineffective. I would add they give a false security which is the worst security – people leave the home with a mask on but think they can get close (so spread more than they would without mask and staying away from people)

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