He remains a Canadian

In spite of all temptations. To belong to other nations. He remains a Canadian

Came across this: When is a Canadian No Longer a Canadian. This is apparently when:

Being a Terrorist won’t disqualify you from being a Canadian citizen but just try refusing the jab.

Or as he explains more fully:

Clearly, when it comes to the unvaccinated, no longer is “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” The 20% of Quebeckers and other unvaccinated Canadians whom Trudeau is slandering as tending to be racists and misogynists are not an insignificant number. The logic of how refusing the vax makes one a racist or misogynist is elusive, especially since minorities and women can be counted among the gene therapy refuseniks.

In spite of being unvaxxed myself, I still have my Canadian citizenship and passport. In fact, without my Canadian passport, I cannot even enter into the Dominion should I ever decide to go there again (or at least when and if they no longer require vaxxination). Trudeau, and so many of his followers are truly fools and an embarrassment.

At least I am still an Australian, and in spite of what Justin may think, I am also still a Canadian.

I might have been Hungarian, a Pole or a Barbarian.

Or Perhaps A-mer-i-can

ADDED FOOTNOTE: And since we live so far from the days when I could count on anyone knowing the tune, here is the original so that you can hear the tune, although since it’s Gilbert and Sullivan, it’s about being an Englishman.

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