Economic and social reality in a few pics

These are a few graphical representations of something called reality but these are merely statistics which seem to conform with my own view of how things actually are.

I particularly like this one since it demonstrates how useless any composite measure of economic performance is. Comparing today with a century ago using some measure like GDP is beyond full-on empty. 

Then there is this which is inexplicable to no one even though there will be some who pretend to find it incomprehensible.

Finally, I wrote a children’s book one time – Economics for Infants – which explains how governments do not care about any of us whatsoever. My aunt read it to her five year old grandson who had a virtual nervous breakdown crying jag on being told this. My own granddaughter, also five, read it herself and now apparently quotes this to everyone else. She will be so far ahead of the curve as she grows up. But this is the truth.

By the way, there is much more in Economics for Infants than just that. Highly recommended, mostly for children, but also for some adults as well.

These statistical pictures, by the way, came via Powerline’s Geek in Pictures.

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