Chile is apparently about to elect a socialist government

You would think that Venezuela would present the strongest imaginable case for caution in handing an economy over to the left. You would think the case would be most understood in Latin America. But here we are, with Chile, the strongest economy in Latin America about to go left as it did once before. Economic ignorance is so massive. You would really like one of these political leaders to explain how their economy functions. They would not have a clue, but neither would their voting population.

The chart is from this article: SOCIALISM AND FREE ENTERPRISE ON TRIAL, on trial as in the stupidest people are now going to lead the country into ruin, but make themselves quite wealthy at the same time. As discussed here in relation to the election which is now taking place in Chile.

Chileans vote today for a new president and there’s a risk that a Venezuelan-style leftist, Gabriel Boric, will prevail.

Amazing. Sad, stupid, but amazing. Must be similar to the voting public in Victoria.


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