Thomas Sowell and me

Thomas Sowell and I share many views in common but what may matter most to me anyway is both of us have written books on Say’s Law and classical economic theory. These are listed on his wikipedia page.

  • 1972. Say’s Law: A Historical AnalysisPrinceton University Press
  • 1974. Classical Economics Reconsidered. Princeton University Press. 

These were mine:

Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution: How Macroeconomic Theory Lost its Way [1998]

Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy [2020]

I recommend all four books, but you will have to forgive me for being partial to my own. Sadly, however, our economic perspective is shared by only a very small minority of the economics community but at least it is shared with Thomas Sowell. I might add we have also both written introductory economic texts. This is his:

This is mine: 

Free Market Economics, Third Edition An Introduction for the General Reader [2017]

I absolutely recommend both, but mine does have more diagrams which I think makes following the text easier.

As for our political perspective, we are on virtually everything absolutely on the same page. There may be differences since there always are, but they would not be that large and only he and I could actually tell what they are since they are so small that you would really have to get into the nitty gritty to isolate where those differences are.

We have even met one time, many years ago, even took him out to lunch. Very memorable (for me). One of the great conservative authors of our time.

Below are a series of quotes from Sowell that have been sent to me by a friend [my thanks to Tony] that I think are worth passing along to everyone else.

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