“Just zip it Andrews…we have had enough of you”

I think Daniel Andrews is finally beginning to see what a screw up he has been and how tragically he has mangled the response to Covid. Of course, he doesn’t put it quite that way: Andrews declares Covid response a ‘triumph’. From the article:

Daniel Andrews has declared Victoria’s response to the pandemic has been a “triumph” but has conceded his government has made mistakes in its handling of COVID-19.

And then he gnashes at the ungrateful sods who fail to appreciate his towering genius:

“We’ve got some people who just can’t find it in themselves to say ‘well done’ and to speak out against extremism.”

As a completely clueless buffoon, he reaches astonishing heights.

More broadly, Mr Andrews argued it was state governments, and not federal ones, who now play a more consequential role in driving the economy and improving people’s standards of living….

Mr Andrews said states now oversee the “big levers of productivity” including health, education, energy and infrastructure, which will drive future economic growth.

“The big drivers of our standard of living and our quality of life, productivity and therefore people’s prospects, sense of security and options in life … are all run by the states now,” the Victorian Premier said.

“It’s the main game.” 

This is from the man who has left the state a financial wreck and taken Melbourne from The World’s Most Liveable City to a barren wasteland. But he does now say this.

But Mr Andrews – who presided over the world’s longest lockdown in Melbourne in an effort to quash the virus – admitted his government’s response to the pandemic hasn’t been flawless.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think we regard our pandemic response across the board as having been perfect, he told former Labor campaigner Stephen Donnelly.

Not flawless, was it? As noted by the first 15 “Most Liked Comments” out of 620:

Victoria under Daniel Andrews has become a tragedy – for those people who never vote Labor, but worse still for those of us who entrusted him to the role of Premier of our state. Power has gone to his head and when he is not trumpeting his triumphs he resorts to lecturing those who are opposed to him. He has become addicted to power and control so he needs to be removed as soon as we can do it. You cannot argue with individuals like this who have become so fixated on their own self preservation. The only option is to vote them out as soon as the opportunity arises.

I am so over him using the word extremist to describe everyday Australians voicing their opinions. Thousands upon thousands demonstrating against him for weeks and no arrests, no damage and no injuries. Where are the people getting hurt dan? Do us a favour and release the data used to inform your restrictions instead of wasting taxpayer dollars to keep it hidden.

Just zip it Andrews…we have had enough of you.

Triumph of incompetents I would say.

In light of the terrible misery, sadness, divisiveness and lack of accountability experienced in Melbourne and Victoria over the last 2 years, triumph is the last word I would think of, let alone apply to this most hopeless of Premiers and State of Governments. We deserve so much better. #VoteThemOut

The bloke is utterly deluded. Most deaths in the country Most locked down Most debt etc etc etc History will not be kind to the current government, that is for sure. But the question is, how much damage can this bloke do to the srate between now and then? The ‘polls’ say he’s leading by a majority, yet only one person (my mother) says she’ll vote for him again. And I cannot remember the last time anyone had anything positive or nice to say about him. What a 2 years !

It’s this sort of shameless arrogance that enrages long suffering Victorians even more.

No-one believes any of the pathetic Daniel Andrews spin.  He has been atrocious as the leader of the ALP in Victoria and his constant hidden agendas are despicable. The worst premier of any Australia state.

Where is that health advice premier?

Just shows he has no idea.

My goodness! What does failure look like then?

Destroying long running businesses due to forced lockdowns is not a triumph.

Andrews doesn’t want to know that thousands of Victorians are marching every week to oppose his dictatorial government. His ego can’t stand it.

If it has been such a triumph, why can he not be interviewed by regular media or speak with regular Victorians? He hides away and cannot face regular Victorians. And we are told he is popular? 

Andrews and his mob need to be voted out next election. Anyone who thinks he did a good job during the Corona virus saga cannot be serious. Vote this mob out !!!!

There are lots more just like these with this the most on the money:

So under Dan’s watch:

1.  Victoria had 67% of all COVID deaths in Australia.
2.  Victoria had 60% of all COVID cases in Australia.
3.  Melbourne has recorded, so far, 263 days of hard lockdown – a world record.
4.  No responsibility from anyone for the 2020 hotel quarantine fiasco despite an inquiry and millions of dollars spent on lawyers for Govt. ministers and the Premier.

If that’s “a triumph” well . . . 

Worst premier ever is how he will be remembered. 

1 thought on ““Just zip it Andrews…we have had enough of you”

  1. And all the missing millions/billions? I see KRudd has bought a mansion on the Sydney Harbour, leaving a 20meg mansion in Noosa. Maybe if they all end up living in a conclave…

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