Kill the Bill


There I was minding my own business sitting on the pavement having a coffee in the sun but what should come by but a truck with a billboard on back-and-both-sides with the picture of Daniel Andrews and the words “Kill the Bill”.

Here’s where we are about that Bill:

A key supporter of the Victorian government’s pandemic legislation says she will not vote to extend the current state of emergency powers if proposed law changes are blocked by her fellow crossbench MPs.

The comments by Reason Party MP Fiona Patten raise the prospect that, unless the government can find another vote in support of its proposed pandemic regime, it could be left powerless to enforce its mandatory vaccination rules and other coercive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

A meeting on Friday afternoon between crossbench MPs and senior staff of Health Minister Martin Foley did not resolve the impasse, with the government not yet offering any significant concessions to appease demands for greater parliamentary oversight and other checks on the proposed new powers.

The aim of the Bill is to allow the Premier to declare a Pandemic and thereafter rule by decree on his personal judgement with no recourse by anyone else or by the Parliament to limit the actions that can be taken supposedly to deal with the spread of Covid. Daniel Andrews is amongst the last leaders one would wish to have such power. 

This was last week’s demo in Melbourne, as filmed by Sam at True Arrow.

Donations to Sam can be made here.

1 thought on “Kill the Bill

  1. Just read a fairly convincing post that says this is merely DAndrews getting rid of the softies and will be replacing them with hard lefties.

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