Novavax the vaccine for the vaxxine-hesitant

This is my kind of article: Novavax: the good vaccine. It’s not that most of us are in any sense “anti-vaxxers” but lots of us are very reluctant to take any of the currently existing experimental forms now on offer. But there is Novavax which many of us have been looking out for. Who can be sure of any of it, but here we find it discussed in a very positive way. But first, there is a discussion of Daniel Andrews in a way that makes me trust her judgement just that little bit more.

He takes away your freedom to work. He prevents you from seeing friends and loved ones. He only lets you watch programs which distort your sense of reality and supress your independent thought. He watches and monitors everywhere you go. He threatens to keep you locked up if you don’t comply.

And the final straw?

He forces you to get a medical treatment that you never wanted.

In many ways, Victoria’s relationship with Daniel Andrews resembles more of an abusive relationship than a government that is in power to serve the people.

Victoria’s two-tiered society has witnessed the use of isolationist language and tactics to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. 

Dictator Dan pushes Victorians to consider the vaccinated as superior citizens and the unvaccinated as less than helots.

But then to Novavax. She writes:

The highly anticipated Novavax vaccine may act as a kind of saviour to those with health issues who cannot take other Covid-19 vaccines which are currently on the market. Also, those who just plain and simple do not feel confident in our current variety of vaccines….

Novavax is clearly standing out from the crowd. With the absence of the contentious mRNA technology from Pfizer and Moderna (which has been linked to myocarditis, pericarditis, potential pregnancy and neonatal adverse eventsmenstrual changes and in some very rare but serious cases, death) and Astra Zeneca’s reputation crushing blood clotting saga, Novavax’s safety is demonstrating a higher success rate.

In relation side effects, the decreased rate of adverse reactions is promising. In fact, this table from the New England Journal of Medicine looks at Novavax’s adverse reactions records in relation to a study. When looking at the toxicity grade (mild, moderate, severe or potentially life threatening) there is no data to suggest a potentially life threatening reaction in their study. This is incredible news in optimising the safety and confidence for Australians to get vaccinated.

Novavax also has an incredible 96% efficacy which has been seen in their first trial.

So far so good. So let’s get on with it.

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