Remembrance Day where there’s a lot to remember

Watching the efforts of various state governments in dealing with Covid has, on this day especially, brought this to mind: The conscription issue in Australia. The Covid question at the moment centres on the question of what rights we individually have to refuse the experimental and often dangerous vaxxines that are now being made almost mandatory across the country. Yet this is what happened when on a previous occasion Australian governments wished to send its citizens into harm’s way.

Unlike the other countries engaged in World War I, conscription was not introduced in Australia.  All the Australians who fought in World War I were volunteers.

Prime Minister Billy Hughes made two attempts to introduce conscription: two conscription referenda were held in 1916 and 1917. Both lost to the ‘no’ vote. Feelings on the issue ran high and bitterly divided the community. While many politicians favoured conscription, it was strongly opposed by many in the community.

Also came across this which seems closely related. The story is about Victoria although the American website where this is discussed writes as if it is Australia as a whole that is involved: [Victoria’s] Tyrannical Department of Health Raids Anti-Lockdown Doctor’s Clinic and Seizes Patient’s Confidential Files. How is this possible?

Seven authorized officials from Australia’s Department of Health raided Dr. Mark Hobart’s surgery clinic in Sunshine North on Wednesday afternoon and seized confidential patient files, an appointment book, and other documents after he refused to hand them over to the government….

“Seven authorized officers from the Department of Health and seized my confidential patient’s file and my appointment book and other various documents. They say they’re going to give me an itemized list of what they’ve taken and it was quite an intimidating experience.”…

The Health Department put up a notice on his clinic saying, “The Victorian Government has banned patients from entering this surgery because Dr. Hobart refused to surrender your private and confidential patient files.”

I suspect the story is garbled in a number of ways but the gist of it is sadly all too true. Haven’t seen any of this mentioned in the local press. Videos at the link.

PLUS THIS: Ethical Moorings, Where Art Thou? A very good article which discusses the morality of imposing a vaxxine-imperative.

When you’re threatened with the loss of your livelihood, indeed your entire career, you have been forced. When you’re denied a kidney transplant otherwise, you have been forced. When it’s the price you must pay to carry boxes of belongings into a retirement home for the benefit of an aging relative, you have been forced.

Any politician who thinks it’s OK to force people to submit to any kind of medical procedure is a tyrant. Such people deserve to be ejected from office asap. They are dangerous, because tomorrow they’ll be forcing us to do something else.

Any public health official or medically trained individual who thinks it’s OK to compel people to submit to any medical procedure has left first do no harm so far behind, their judgment concerning every other medical matter is forever suspect.

Of course, read it all at the link.

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