Our political leaders should not be able to make decisions on vaxxination

Who are any of the political leaders in Australia to tell any of us that we must get vaxxinated? These are political cyphers who for the moment lead governments, but are otherwise of no distinction. But now, of all things, the problems with the vax have crossed into the mainstream press, The Wall Street Journal no less: Covid-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis Link Probed by Researchers

As U.S. health authorities expand use of the leading Covid-19 vaccines, researchers investigating heart-related risks linked to the shots are exploring several emerging theories, including one centered on the spike protein made in response to vaccination.

Further discussed at Instapundit where there is a long and detailed comments thread. This one particularly interested me, but how could I ever find out if it’s true?

The vax raises your A1C levels [the measure of sugar in one’s blood]. Enough it would push me from the pre-diabetic range to full blown diabetes. You know, you’d almost have to conclude the dreaded covid vaccine side effects weren’t studied before the decision was made to give everyone the jab before the dreaded covid didn’t kill us.

Just like this.


There really needs to be a diabetic exemption from the vax aside from everyone under 17 years of age.

And then there is this quite fascinating story: California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s whereabouts remain unknown. He was supposed to go to COP26, took his booster shot and hasn’t been seen in public for something like the last ten days. 

So again, who are these politicians to tell us whether we should get vaxxed? You might therefore look at this from The Australian Spectator: Just the facts: coronavirus in Australia by the numbers – updated. Very long but worth every second, but will take you to the final paras.

Covid-19 is not a death sentence. In Australia it has a case fatality rate of just over 1%, meaning that the vast majority of those who test positive will not die. Covid-19 is a virus that poses risks specifically to the elderly and those with existing comorbidities, and extremely negligible risk to those below 60. The vast majority of those who have died with Covid-19 in Australia are over 80 years old and have pre-existing illnesses. 

Sensible precautions should be directed towards minimising the risks to those in the at-risk categories. If others outside of those at risk categories also wish to engage in the same precautions then they should be free to do so. Otherwise, Australians should be free to go about their lives without the significant burden of extreme wide-ranging restrictions. All Australians should be free to make an informed decision about how to manage the risks to their health and safety arising from Covid-19. We should especially be free to decide whether or not to receive a Covid-19 vaccination without coercion or the threat of being stripped of our jobs and ability to earn a livelihood for ourselves and our families. 

2 thoughts on “Our political leaders should not be able to make decisions on vaxxination

  1. Several stories going around about Newsom. He’s got severe side effects. He’s been seen at Ivy Getty’ wedding. He’s in Guantamo.
    Little bit late with the title though.

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