If it were only that they are stupid

It is not stupidity but a wilful desire to believe the impossible that makes the world turn out as madly as it does.

People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to
— Malcolm Muggeridge

When I was on the left, there was nothing I enjoyed more than discussing politics with others, which in a way saw me move to the right, but only eventually. Today, however, no one I know on the left wants to talk politics, because they no longer believe the things they have to believe if they are to remain in good standing with their comrades.

But their determination to believe their fantasies is far more powerful than any argument anyone will ever produce. The evidence of how wrong they are is found at every turn. The effort now is to avoid having to notice just how wrong they are about every one of the idiocies they are made to believe.

1 thought on “If it were only that they are stupid

  1. I’m a bit befuddled by the statement.
    Is it a bit like the Left saying Gerbil Wormening is real and the proles have to use less power because if they don’t, the ice caps will melt and we’ll all drown so because we refuse to stop making carbonicles, the price of power double triple quadruples, and we freeze to death?
    All this, when we have self defrosting fridges anyway?
    Sounds about right.

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