What it means to be conservative

Let me draw your attention to an article of mine from the October issue of Quadrant that has now been put up online: Conservative Thought in the Time of Covid. The reason I wrote the article, and it is the first of two on the subject, was to point out that conservatism has a positive agenda, and is not, NOT, an attempt to conserve what presently exists, nor is it a wish to promote a laissez-faire form of economic structure. Its core ethic is to bring individual rights and personal freedom to the very centre of our political culture. 

The emphasis on rights and freedom is what allowed the market economy to create the prosperity we now take for granted, but also allowed us to live with an ability to direct our own lives in our own way that had never before existed. 

Sadly it is this personal freedom that so many now take for granted, and are apparently all too willing to throw away because of the need to deal with this transient Covid virus in our midst. 

Read the article, and then, if you are not already a subscriber, you should subscribe to Quadrant since if you are reading this blog you should also be reading the magazine.

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