A rare event to those in charge is one that happens to someone else

My wife was chatting to a woman in the street today, someone she had not previously met, who happened to mention that her husband had passed away four weeks before, two weeks after having been vaxxinated. For another tale along these lines although no actual death was involved, there is this just posted at The New Catallaxy:  The Adverse Reaction of Chantal Uren. There are two parts to what she told that are worth highlighting, first the efforts that were made to dissuade her from telling her story.

To the people who threatened me with defamation charges and disciplinary action for telling my story, I am disappointed. I’m disappointed that your priority is to silence me for your own ego and agenda rather than ask if I’m ok and offer me any help! At no time have you asked if I’m ok or cared for a second about my health or welfare. You decided that putting me under more stress, when that stress can cause further risk to my life is your priority. It makes me question humanity and how any person can have such a lack of empathy towards another.

I think she is more charitable to their hard-hardedness and cruel efforts to suppress such information becoming public. Adverse reactions and even deaths are occurring regularly but you will not learn any of this from the mainstream press. It is a tragedy. But the second part of her story is what happened to her immediately upon taking the vaxxination.

Within 10 minutes of getting the Pfizer vaccine, I got vertigo and nausea and within 15 minutes I had hives all over me. The doctor and ambulance officer got the rash under control but as soon as I got home I had a fever, chills and felt very unwell. For the following 3.5 weeks I suffered rashes every day, fevers as high as 39.7, aching muscles, flu like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pressure in my sinuses and a cough so bad that it felt like my blood vessels were going to explode in my face. Some days I cried because I thought I was going to die. I was so sick. When I thought I was starting to get better, I still had extreme fatigue and was constantly light headed. I went back to work but spent a lot of time laying on my office floor and struggling to get through the day.

Go to the link to find out the full story and even then she is giving the benefit of the doubt to those who forced her to take the vax.

I will just add this: Data Analyst proves Covid-19 Deaths increased dramatically AFTER the Vaccine roll-out in over 40 countries.

A quantitative data analyst has compiled data from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and published a video showing a dramatic spike in alleged Covid-19 deaths after the introduction of the experimental Covid-19 injections in over forty different countries.

Back in February we highlighted how care home deaths allegedly due to Covid-19 had increased by 240% between January 10th and January 29th 2021, despite 95% of all care home residents having been vaccinated by January 27th.

A rare event to those in charge is one that happens to someone else. From the link:

The video shows weekly Covid-19 deaths per country, before and after Covid-19 vaccination campaigns began, and each country seems to have suffered a huge spike in Covid-19 deaths following the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine.

And at the very end of the post there is this:

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So we need your help to ensure
we can continue to bring you the

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We’re not funded by the Government
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WITH THIS FOOTNOTE: Perhaps after such a distinguished career it is a bit sad to include this here: Colin Powell dies from Covid complications with this the sub-head: “The former secretary of State was fully vaccinated, according to his family.” A single instance is not a stat, but it is all the same an instance of what some think of as a general case. As for his politics, there is this:

In October 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama as he was weeks away from being elected the nation’s first African-American president. “I think he is a transformational figure,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Powell added: “I can’t deny that it will be a historic event when an African-American becomes president. And should that happen, all Americans should be proud — not just African-Americans.”

Why they should have been proud is beyond me. 

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