Allow all health practitioners the freedom to speak honestly and openly

Let us assume, on really hardly any evidence at all, that our governments, state and federal, really are concerned for our health. But in a free society, there must be open and free discourse on every subject of interest to the community so that all sides of any question can be properly examined.

Which brings me to this: Petition EN3375 – AHPRA edict silencing health practitioners. It is a petition which reads as follows:

Petition Reason 

There is conclusive evidence [sighted AHPRA documents] that AHPRA has silenced health practitioners from raising concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine, and from raising all related concerns about this experimental gene therapy [called a vaccine]. There is also conclusive evidence that health practitioners have been threatened with dismissal, and with removal from practice, if they raise their concerns publicly and go against the main narrative. 

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to remove the AHPRA edict and allow all health practitioners the freedom to speak honestly and openly about their concerns. This is a matter of public safety and ethical obligation. There is growing global concern about the short, medium and long-term effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. Removing the AHPRA edict would also allow open debate about the other possible ways of treating Covid-19.

I merely bring this to your attention. Sign it as you see fit.

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