Charming manipulative sadistic liars

I would just like to emphasise that I am bringing this article to your attention even though it has nothing to do with any current political leader I am familiar with whatsoever, absolutely nothing at all: The Psychopathic CEO. From the article:

A psychopath is different from a psychotic in that the latter is a person who has lost touch with reality, often suffering from delusions, while the former is not detached from reality but lacks empathy and doesn’t care about the consequences of his or her actions. Psychopaths are generally considered intelligent, manipulative and charming – and lack the ability to learn from mistakes or punishment….

“They don’t care that they are hurting you. They will do what they have to do.”…

Psychopaths are more closely related to sociopaths than to psychotics, because both are categorized as having antisocial personality disorders. In their ground-breaking 2006 book “Snakes in Suits,” Paul Babiak and Robert Hare were among the first to attempt to quantify the presence of corporate psychopaths in the C-suite. They estimated the rate of psychopathy in the executive suite to be 3.9%. Since the release of the book there has been much disagreement over the extent of the presence of psychopaths in corporate America with most other estimates landing between 8% and 12%.

And in politics, who knows how many charming manipulative sadistic liars there may be in leading positions? Of course, you would need a qualification in psychiatry to suss them out so I only ask this out of curiosity since no one I can think of comes to mind.

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