The most dangerous drug ever!?

The most dangerous drugs ever unleashed on the human population in the history of medicine is what it says, and this is the abstract in single sentences to make it easier to read. Each sentence is also a lesson to be learned in itself.

SARS-Cov-2 was manufactured in a lab and unleashed on the world by China in late 2019.

Since then the politicians and political bureaucrats have been on a crusade to have a vaccine invented and everyone jabbed.

Medical science always tries to treat any disease early.

The earlier you can find and treat a disease the better the chances of survival are.

But with this virus, the politicians and political bureaucrats ignored and vilified known early anti-viral treatments and government policy is that there be no early treatment.

Medical scientists had been trying to invent a vaccine for SARS-Cov-1 since 2003 without success.

Vaccine development normally takes several to 10 years.

But, as if by a miracle, the world seemingly had several inside a year.

But what we have are not vaccines.

They do not pass the patentable, legal or clinical definition of a vaccine in that they do nothing to prevent infection.

They are gene therapy. They are patented as gene therapy.

Calling them a vaccine is misleading and deceiving in the extreme.

It is not fully known what is in any of these drugs.

They contain genetic material encoded with genetic instructions known as the gene sequence.

We do not know what that is.

They contain ingredients that are not listed as ingredients.

There are two very serious safety issues with the drugs.

When in the body they generate a synthetic spike protein which is a toxin and in one of the lipid nano particles is grapheme oxide, a substance known to be poisonous to humans.

The spike protein was seen in 2005 as a highly malleable bioweapon.

It has been known for a long time to be a dangerous toxin.

The injections destroy a persons’ innate immune system and they have destroyed the blood and organ donation systems.

In the rush to get these drugs into people, very basic safety tests were not done.

The real world data shows that these drugs are not working.

They are not stopping infections, nor transmissibility and nor deaths.

Now governments are selling and people are falling for this crazy logic of “take a booster – because the 1st two shots did not work”

When injected, the gene sequence causes the body to generate a synthetic computer generated spike protein.

The theory is that, when exposed to the virus’ real spike protein, the body will have an immunity to that as well.

There is zero clinical evidence that is occurring.

With a destroyed natural immune system the jabbed people are now the dangerous spreaders.

They have no protection, either from the jab or their natural immune system.

Safety and efficacy were never a concern.

There became a sense of urgency to get people jabbed up with a known to be dangerous spike protein.

The number of deaths and serious side effects are staggering.

Historically when deaths reported from a drug reached 50 on the CDC VAERS database, the drug was immediately withdrawn from the market for safety reasons.

VAERS is currently sitting on 23,817 deaths and 1,519,354 adverse events.

Experts have trawled through the global adverse events and estimate global deaths to be at least 500,000 with 10 mil side effects half of those serious.

The injections of these drugs has taken the lives of half a million people and destroyed the lives of 10 million more.

The evidence clearly shows they have not saved one life.

Anyone who thinks that a drug, that is unable to recognize a virus and prevent it’s infection, but will prevent you from dying from it, is living an illusion.

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