Covid variants are just words to cover up on death by vaxxine

The video has been sent to me with these words:

Among the million videos on the web this one has been on my mind for 24 hours. Not sure if this funeral director is correct but worth the listen because experience and common-sense usually trumps pseudo science.

Go to 19mi 45 second, but worth listening to the whole vid.

Basically, he claims the “delta-variant” is code for ‘added deaths, resulting from adverse vax reactions’.

That’s exactly what he says. Here is the link to the source of the vid. There are a million such stories out there but it is hard, for everyone, to believe those who are in charge are actually as callous and cruel as these stories would imply.

Might pair the above with this which is also about the UK: Official data shows people who received a Covid-19 vaccine account for 70% of all-cause deaths during the first 6 months of 2021, with 20% occurring within 21 days of vaccination.

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