“We are flying blind”

From Peter Smith at QoL: COVID, Pregnancy and Official Misconceptions. He begins:

It may interest readers to know that Benjamin Netanyahu got the first jab in Israel on December 19, 2020. That’s exactly nine months ago – the gestational period for a human baby. Pregnant women were not included in vaccine trials (see below). Thus, there is no information from clinical trials on reproductive risks and, by definition, we have no extensive and reliable information on the effect of vaccines on new-born babies and infants. We are flying blind; or at least with blurred vision.

For myself, we are now gathering a list of people who will no longer welcome us in their homes until we get the vax. They have already had the vax themselves, so I classify this as a form of misery loves company. If you have had the vax, what are you worried about? 

Of course, there’s a lot to be worried about, specially if you have had the vax. From the comments at Peter’s post:

Vaccines advocated and promoted by the Federal Government , according to current scientific knowledge and previous public statements:

1. do not provide immunity to the SARS Cov-2 virus

2. do not prevent the development of Covid-19

3. May lead to shedding – causing variants and further cases

4. are causing death and serious injury globally

5. long term effects on the health of those jabbed are unknown

6. have not undergone testing for safety

7. may be characterised as a form of genetic modification and while called genetic vaccines by some, are more of a genetic treatment than a vaccine

8. have not been tested for genotoxicity (TGA Freedom of Information)

9. have not been tested to confirm carcinogenicity (TGA Freedom of Information)

10. have not been tested to confirm the effects on fertility (TGA Freedom of Information)

On January 25, 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) granted provisional approval to Pfizer Australia to supply its mRNA vaccine named Cominarty, indicated for the prevention of Covid-19 in individuals 16 years and older.

The provisional approval process allows for up to six years post-market validation. Such approval is therefore granted on limited safety and efficacy data.

The same people pushing the vax are, not coincidentally, pushing euthanasia. 

PLUS THIS: Coronavirus has become endemic, making Australia’s policy settings obsolete. It’s from The Spectator.

A major study from the National Bureau of Economic Researchin June, based on all-causes mortality data from 44 countries and all US states, concluded that earlier and longer lockdowns do not reduce deaths and if anything, lockdowns may increase deathsDenmark lifted all restrictions from 10 September, including the requirement for domestic vaccine passports, declaring that Covid-19 is ‘no longer a critical threat to society’. At the time 73% of the population was fully vaccinated and Denmark’s daily new cases were still over 500. Meanwhile Sweden remains an excellent example of a lockdown-light to lockdown-free country with excess deaths lower for every year since 1990/91 bar one (2018/19).

What to do? No one knows. We will have to wait until those in government decide there is an evey better way to screw us over.

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