First do no harm

First do no harm. 

That’s the principle behind medical practice, with the other half, presumably, do some good. So what are we to make of this: The Vaccines don’t work – Israel records highest rate of Covid-19 infections in the World despite 78% of population being fully vaccinated


The issue is not whether one should get vaxxinated. The question is one of costs and benefits. If someone is vaxxinated, what good will it do? But also, what harm will it do? Vaccinations in the past had almost no known downsides, at least not by the time they reached the public. In this case, however, the upside appears to be non-existent.

Despite compounding vaccination, the nation still suffers, with the world’s worst seven-day rolling average number of covid cases per capita. Israel is on track to pass 11,000 daily covid cases — an infection rate that is magnitudes higher than a year before, when everyone in the country was unvaccinated.

Using a non-neutralizing vaccine against a novel, endemic virus only perpetuates the transmissibility of the virus among people. When the spike protein of that virus is forcibly replicated throughout the population, entirely new health problems occur.

By placing selective pressure on an amino acid sequence of the virus, and scaling up that attack across the population, these vaccine programs only cause mutations in the viral sequence, leading to new outbreaks and vaccine failure.

Virtually no one is dying from Covid any more, at least not amongst almost the entire population. Certainly more used to die during flu season. What follows in the years to come we will only know in the years to come. Meanwhile, why take a vaxxine with a massive and known failure rate with the possibility of massive but still unknown harm that we will only know at some time in the future.

And even if there is no harm, which we will not know for some time, why take a vaxxine that does no good?

My thanks to Gold v Fiat in a previous comment for putting me onto this posting

2 thoughts on “First do no harm

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  2. The hard part is trying to withstand the political onslaught from the govt, media and big business as well as from friends/family. Threats, intimidation and coercion have been normalised, which is anathema in a western democracy and especially here in Australia. But how quickly a population can be turned in the name of safety to give up its birth rights.

    Related, in a way, is our blinkered cultural mindset caused it would seem from our distance from the rest of the world. I know that the people I socialise with would have no awareness of the current Israeli situation and were I to bring it up it would duly ignored. The media, whose job it is to inform, are a significant part of the problem.

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