Getting our priorities right

Political leaders in democracies seldom lead but almost invariably follow. This is from Instapundit, which is following an international trend to laugh at Australia and Australians, but I wish we were not so clearly following a lead set elsewhere.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: This news clip from Australia is unbelievably dystopian (video).

1984: A warning for the rest of us, a how-to guide for the left. And a whole lot of people in Australian government need to be asking themselves: Are we the baddies?

There is also this: Australia’s Federal Treasurer Admits He Wants a Net Zero by 2050 Commitment. Does he know better? Why would he care even if he did? Here is the lead statement at the link:

Just in case you thought the politician in charge of Australia’s financial stability has a clue, the following interview with the Guardian should settle any doubts.

Ok, Covid is a scam just like global warming. But we didn’t start it, we are just going along with the rest of you. It’s not us who are the idiots, if you ask me, but the rest of the world. You want to know our priorities, see below:

I’d rather be in Melbourne than New York.

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