“Covid is the common flu. Period.”

A comment on this post at Instapundit: “Covid” is non-existent. Is this true? Where can one fine out?

Covid is the common flu. Period.

Covid 19 has never been found in ANY human being.

There is NO TEST for identifying covid 19.

Covid 19 has NEVER been isolated by anyone, anywhere.

The mRNA gene therapies ARE NOT VACCINES. Thus, unlike a vaccine they do NOT prevent either becoming infected by the flu or spreading the infection to someone else.

So, what do they actually do? Simple, like an aspirin to a headache they can relieve certain symptoms after becoming infected.


Let that sink in.

Thus, when you ask if the “vaccines” work you’re implying that they’re designed to and, in fact, prevent vaccinated people from ever becoming infected and/or reinfected, and spreading from the virus to other people. That belief is TOTALLY wrong.

These so-called vaccines are no more effective at preventing you from becoming infected, or preventing you from spreading the virus than reciting the ABC’s is at preventing or spreading the flu.

The covid 19 scamdemic is the jewel in the crown OF THE ONGOING DNC-CCP COUP that started in 2017.

2 thoughts on ““Covid is the common flu. Period.”

  1. The SARS Cov2 virus has been developed (follow the patents), may or may not have been released (if it has it has run it’s course and is now innocuous) but nobody anywhere is suffering severe acute respiratory symptoms that can’t be accounted for by other conditions. If it hasn’t been released and is designed to latch onto spike proteins a whole lot of people are going to be in a whole lot of trouble. There has not been a single piece of health advice that hasn’t been infinitely more harmful than it has been beneficial. The CHOs are criminals and are causing serious harm to millions. 18 months absence by the legal profession means we cannot count on them for justice.

  2. Whatever the facts are, there is one fact that stands out above all others –
    “The vast majority of Australians either do not trust their government, or believe they are so incompetent at managing a minor issue and turning it into a national catastrophe, as not fit to run the Bourke Puppy and Kitten Refuge.”

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