Covid ethics-such a cute concept

From the Australian Spectator reprinted here.

What is even more concerning is that, as alerted to by the Doctors for Covid Ethics, a Freedom of Information request to the Australian drugs regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration that granted provisional approval to the Pfizer vaccine, confirms that it has never seen the study data.

In other words, the TGA never saw or requested the patient data from Pfizer and simply accepted their reporting of their study as true. This means that when the head of the TGA John Skerritt said that “the safety evidence is pretty thorough” on February 6his words would ring hollow to most Australians who have assumed, rightly or wrongly, that the TGA had actually looked at the patient data before granting any such approval. As noted by Doctors for Covid Ethics on its website, it is currently not known whether any of the major government agencies around the globe (FDA, MHRA or EMA) has independently verified, or attempted to verify, Pfizer’s data, before proceeding with provisional/emergency authorisation of Pfizer’s mRNA therapy vaccine.

For any government, either by itself or via corporate proxy, to attempt to mandate vaccines in circumstances where there has not been adequate testing and analysis of risks as well as benefits would constitute not only a violation of the principle of informed consent (which Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated he believes in – see this press conference as an example) — but a violation of Australia’s obligations under international law with respect to medical experimentation. 

Indeed, after National Cabinet on August 6, Scott Morrison indicated that mandatory vaccination could breach privacy laws, discrimination laws, and Australia’s policy remained that vaccines should be voluntary and free. In particular, he declared: “In our country, everyone has choices and they have choices that are supported by the rule of law and simply making the point that those choices have to be exercised, are consistent with the rule of law.”

Let’s just see if these will simply be more hollow words from the hollow man.

There was then this comment by Mud Crab replying to another comment by DJ. Is he lying? What if it’s true?

DJ mentions:

“They rolled out the Moderna mRNA experimental injections at his facility, and he says:

‘I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the News. It doesn’t fit their narrative.’”

Correct. The Narrative must be protected.

Here in Oz on the they publish weekly reports into what the Jab is doing. They were admitting for a while that there were people who had died with a short period of receiving a jab. The numbers were increasing at 15 to 20 per week. The report then devoted an entire sentence to say (paraphrasing from memory) that “we compared these death rates to the expected seasonal death rates and since they are more or less the same then nothing to worry about”.

Australian Government report on vaccination side effects effectively says “People die all the time, get over it.”

Interestingly these weekly reports stopped listing the current totals of recent jab deaths two reports ago, only referring to them in general terms. I understand after some careful reading that these deaths are about 430 now (c.f. total number of claimed Covid deaths in Australia of roughly 950, all of which were, apparently, outside the seasonal expected death rates and therefore Very Important, apparently).

Using some very rough modelling based on the amount of Australians that have taken the Jab so far we could be looking at over 1200 deaths post jab that are all, apparently, completely normal cause hey, people die all the time, okay?

To the TGA reports ‘credit’ they do admit that at least 7 (reports are weekly, I am behind) people have died from jab related blood clot complications. Of these 6 are of people below the age of 52 and 5 are people in 30s and 40s.

When you compare those numbers to the ‘Covid Deaths’ in the same age groups here in Australia, while the numbers are fortunately still very low, there are actually slightly more Jab deaths than Covid.

The numbers are complicated by the recent death of a 33 year ‘healthy’ woman in NSW who had Covid and die… and… umm… also had a Rare Heart Condition… but totally died from Covid which is why NSW is completely justified in employed the army against it’s on civilian population now. Prior to this death (which had clearly nothing to do with her rare heart condition) there were no deaths in Australia for women under 50.

(also, Sharks kill on average 5 people per year in Australia. If you are not part of the ‘old people’ demographic in Australia you are more likely to be killed by a shark then die from/with Covid. Stats don’t lie.)

So we have nearly equal Jab related blood clot deaths to ‘Covid Deaths’ in the below 50s age group. These numbers should be taken with the understanding that only about a third of Australians have taken at least one jab and the jab roll out started with ‘old people’ and worked down.

So with more people possibly getting the jab and with the jab expanding into the below 50s age demograph is might be of concern to some that Jab related deaths in this younger age group are likely to increase.

AND, as it has been shown, the Jab will NOT stop you from catching Covid and is only claimed to reduce the symptoms.

Now 30 or so deaths in a population of 26 or so million may seem like a small number, but try allowing 30 people to die in ANY other context.

(and from my risk reduction training in my Day Job, the best way to reduce risk is to remove the original cause. If Jabs are known to kill people [you] can prevent those deaths by stopping the Jab. It is how we are training (repeatedly) to think in the real world.)

But yeah, The Narrative.

We needed to destroy that village in order to save it… I mean those burning buildings were there when we got there!

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