Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy reviewed at the QJAE

This is the most positive review of any book I have ever written. And aside from much else, it is the first time a review of one of my books taught me something about a book I had written that I did not know myself and was pleased to find out. I just hope the attachment will open for you so that you can read it for yourself. It is, as you might imagine, a very positive review and by someone whose judgement I trust and value.

Book Review: Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy which has been written by a true scholar himself, Per Bylund who is at the University of Oklahoma. Not sure how long that link will last but hopefully long enough for anyone who is interested to read it for themselves.

If you cannot open the link, the review can be found in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Volume 24, Number 2, pages 374-378, Summer 2021. 
I realise, alas, that this goes well off into and beyond the hinterland of virtually everyone else’s interest, even among economists, but what you would find between the covers of the book has been the central perspective of my academic life, my professional life, and family aside, the centre of much of my adult life as well.
As a reader of second-hand books and a second-hand bookshop troll since the age of eleven, I am all too sadly aware how rapidly books disappear into the past where perhaps, very occasionally, someone with a similar interest will pick the book up and perhaps even read it. There are many books on my shelves which I may have been near-on one of only a handful of others to have read in possibly a century, and even where they might have been more widely read, it is only ever so often.
All is vanity, but even so, there are moments like this, when I read an astonishingly accurate review of something I have put together that brings that moment of satisfaction that will last until the next time I am caught up in traffic (very likely tomorrow) or something equally annoying and distracting. But it is very rare to find that someone else has understood what you had hoped to say, and this is one of those times, for which I could not be more grateful.
I commend the review to you. And for those with the right kind of spirit of adventure, my suggestion is that you perhaps go out and ask your local library to buy a copy so that you, and perhaps others, can read it. 
A wonderful moment for me which I am pleased to be able to share with you. 
I will add that having read the review I have gone back to read it for myself, and even for me it is full of surprises. Highly recommended, even if I do say so myself.

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