Back to the stone age

I have taken the title because it’s so appropriate: BACK TO THE STONE AGE: Europe Announces Plan for Carbonless Future. There are many bits to savour but this particularly stands out:

Currently, the European Union produces only about 8 percent of the global carbon emissions. However, since the beginning of the industrial age, its cumulative emissions are among the highest in the world.

We are now going back five centuries to start the comparison! But I like this best from this other story in The Age/SMH which deals with the same bit of news: Europe is provoking the world with its controversial plan to fight climate change. There you find:

On Friday China is expected to release details of a domestic emissions-trading market aimed at helping it to meet its target of peak emissions in 2030 and net zero emissions by 2060.

And that is NET zero emissions, which is different from zero emissions. I am sure the Chinese cannot believe what complete idiots we in the West have become. Not sure I can believe it myself but the evidence is overwhelming.

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