Vaccine passports a No Go Area

The most notable feature of Scott Morrison is how lacking in awareness he often seems to be, but with this we are heading into new territory: Exempting vaccinated Australians from travel bans would boost vaccine take up, PM says.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on the leaders of Australia’s states and territories to reconsider travel exemptions for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, saying the measure would boost the number of people willing to get their jabs.

His previous call for vaccinated Australians to be exempted from interstate border bans was rejected amid criticisms they would lead to a vaccine passport.

However, Mr Morrison told Sky News on Thursday evening that was not the plan.

“It’s not what it is, it was just simply saying that if you’ve been vaccinated, that the state governments would recognise that and you’d be able to move around in times like this,” Mr Morrison told host Paul Murray.

I’ve put it to them, they’re not ready to accept that as something you can do.”…

The Prime Minister said rewarding those who had been jabbed by giving them greater freedom during snap restrictions and sudden border closures would encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, there are more and more stories just like this one everywhere: ‘The Single Most Qualified’ mRNA Expert Censored After Discussing Concerns Over Vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone, the “inventor of mRNA vaccines,” told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Wednesday that a broadcast of a podcast he did discussing his concerns with the COVID-19 vaccines was removed from YouTube.

How bout that? But then there are our own personal statements like this from MareeS in the comments on a previous post.

Our family is fully vaccinated against all the bad stuff from childhood, never any question about that. However, my husband had a first jab against the Wu flu early in May, has had three epileptic-type seizures since then (no previous history) and has gone from being a clever, productive artist to someone who sleeps his time awaY more than 12hrs a day and cannot climb stairs unassisted. I am adjusting to the role of carer, our GP is withdrawing from the vaccination program, so make of that what you will.

That is a terrible story which fills me with deep concern. And then there was this by Seco, also in the same comments section.

Two experiences close to home:

– wife’s grandmother, 99 in a nursing home ended up in hospital in April with possible pneumonia. She had the vaccine the day before. Recovered but has since had a stroke.

– brothers’ mother in law had the vaccine and ever since has suffered dementia like symptoms and needs constant care.

But if you try to say a word in public, they will cut you down and turn off your mike.

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