Ivermectin the facts and science

She is clearly forbidden by Youtube from recommending Ivermectin so make of this what you will, but without a doubt she is telling you to use Ivermectin if you fall ill with Covid. These are the first few comments that follow the Youtube presentation.

I tested positive for covid Pneumonia. Tried everything over the counter. Was going downhill. My doctor put me on a regimen including Ivermectin. 12 hours later, I was on my way back to the living.

I know over 10 family members in Mexico who took this medicine and in 2 days all symptoms were gone, period.

Such a clear presentation of the science, thank you.

Holy Cow, Doctor’s careers are in endangered if they recommend Ivermectin. I guess CDC, Big Pharma and all vaccine interests are SUPPRESSING the drug.

It’s cheap and available, nobody can get rich, so no interest. Sad. And shame on YT for being such tools of the oligarchy.

Nothing for me to add if you cannot already work it out for yourself.

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