“Under Labor, Victoria has two speeds: locked down or about to be locked down”

Bless my soul, the Victorian Leader of the Opposition has finally made an appearance in the press, with this below from today’s Herald Sun. Picture and all but not quite all of the text. It can only be because it has finally dawned upon the media types who live here that Victoria is about to head into a catastrophic downturn and they are hoping that it will be a Liberal Government that has to take the blame. Went past the billion dollar station at the shrine again this week with not a worker in sight. Meanwhile there are parts of the state where you cannot drink the water and other parts where the power is expected to be out for three weeks. What an insane mess Labor makes of everything they do. The rest is from the all but unknown Michael O’Brien.

WAKING up this morning, Victorians aren’t free. Labor’s slight easing of restrictions hasn’t freed us; we’re just on a slightly longer leash. We have all sacrificed to defeat this latest outbreak. But now it’s time for Labor’s lockdown to end.

In fact, statewide lockdowns should never be used again.

A statewide lockdown should always be a last resort. Sadly, the Andrews government sees it as a first response. Victoria is the only state to endure four lockdowns. Every Victorian has paid a price….

Labor has shown it is willing to throw us back into lockdown at the first opportunity. And we all know Labor will do it again.

And the people making the decisions – Labor ministers and their advisers – have not missed a single pay cheque even while they’ve stopped millions of Victorians from just going to work.

As a proud Victorian I hate to say it but, when it comes to Covid, the NSW [LIBERAL] government has got it right. NSW has been proportionate, not panicked. Sensible steps to localise lockdowns have shown that a whole state doesn’t need to be closed for just a few cases.

The NSW approach has not only helped people stay in work, kept businesses open and kids in school but it’s had a remarkable effect on their confidence….

When NSW had an outbreak on its northern beaches, what did NSW lock down? The northern beaches. When Victoria had an outbreak in a few postcodes, what did the Labor government lock down? All of Victoria.

Under Labor, Victoria has two speeds: locked down or about to be locked down.

Why he didn’t emphasise that NSW is a Liberal State you will have to ask him yourself.

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