“Criminally negligent”

That’s how she describes those who fail to provide Ivermectin to Covid patients. This is a doctor in Zimbabwe. This is what the caption under the video is:

Reflecting on ivermectin use in Zimbabwe, Dr Jackie Stone describes how covid-19 is now under control and everyone has the drug in their home medicine cupboard.

The major issue is why Ivermectin is so verboten that no one is even allowed to discuss it, and in some places even allowed to prescribe it. If it actually works, and eventually is seen to work, criminal negligence will be exactly the right word to describe those who have stood in the way of prescribing Ivermectin to Covid patients.

Picked up at Small Dead Animals

AND THIS: Which provides an explanation, of sorts, of why Ivermectin is forbidden since it would make authorisation of experimental vaccines illegal!

As Bret says, we don’t even have a term as yet that would capture the depravity of withholding an effective (and very cheap) medication so that another product can be put on the market instead.

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