Lessons learned from the Chinese flu

The Scream by Edvard Munch

The Scream by Edvard Munch, the absolute wrong response
to any emergency, and sadly the very response adopted across the Western World against COVID-19

The reflections on the lessons learned over the past year are just beginning: More evidence the COVID-19 panic was just that: an unwarranted panic. It’s about the US, but the message applies everywhere.

Three more stories in the past few weeks have proven once again what I and many others saw unequivocally more than a year ago: The panicky response to COVID was unwarranted and not based on the actual facts on the ground but on manipulated and unproven assumptions.

Those assumptions were touted for purely political reasons. Worse, too many Americans meekly accepted those assumptions without any of the kind of mature skepticism that is required of adult citizens in a democratic republic. The result: Our rights were violated and false and corrupt politicians gained power, power they eagerly abused.

And the conclusion.

Above all we must all recognize this very important fact: For more than a full year the constitutional rights of Americans have been badly violated and abused by politicians, mostly Democrats with a fair scattering of Republicans joining in, based on false premises and fake scientific claims. It was obvious before COVID reached our shores, during the epidemic, and now that it has receded that it was really nothing more than a variation of the flu, bad for older people but relatively harmless to everyone else. Panic was the last thing we should have done. We should have gone about our lives like normal, with the one exception of making sure we did not expose old people to the illness.

We did the opposite, and we did so because to many of us believed our so-called “experts,” Instead, those “experts” turned out to be false gods, liars who were not interested in serving the interests of the nation but their own corrupt greed for power.

I’m not sure we, as a society, have learned a thing. As for our enemies, they have learned a very great deal.

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