Speaking up for Jews

I see his point – attacking Jews outside Israel for acts of the Israeli government in defending itself from Hamas – is attacking people who have nothing to do with the Middle East or with Israeli policy.

Yet I find myself caring about the fate of Israel. And while I also care about Taiwan, the Uighurs, the murder of Christians in all kinds of places at the present time, I do particularly care about the fate and security of Israel. No doubt this is because I am Jewish and I am therefore aware of how precarious Jewish lives have often been over the past thousand years, and certainly over the past century.

We are an unusual people who have been guests in other people’s national homes for the past two thousand years so have become sensitive to certain issues, such as the persecution of foreigners. It has warped the social values of many Jews in ways I cannot support since I feel nationalistic towards the countries in which I have lived – Canada, the UK and now Australia.

Indeed, I feel a warmth and kinship towards Western Civilisation for which Jewish values are an integral part which has occurred via the incorporation of the Old Testament within Christianity.

Anti-semitism is a curse. As it is said, “first they came for the Jews”. Jews are the outsiders who often become the standard around which the oppression of others takes place.

Still the point made in the video is valid and important. And it is clear he has only jumped into this issue because he can see how close the latest version of the oldest hatred has entered into his own life just as it is entering into the lives of all Jews everywhere today.

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