“Let conspiracy theorists die from the virus, if that’s their choice”

This wasn’t very nice.

I was vaccinated on Friday. Now a voice in my ear keeps whispering: “This is Bill Gates. Buy Microsoft.” No, wait. The thought in my head is actually: Enough! There’s no excuse left for another lockdown. Let conspiracy theorists die from the virus, if that’s their choice. We’ve almost finished protecting the vulnerable, and that’s enough.

This was even the heading:


If someone is hesitant about taking an untried, untested vaccine for which no one can be sued if things go wrong it is insane and insulting to describe such concerns as “conspiracy”. 

Full column here. And I notice he was hardly the first in line to show the rest of us the way. Hardly anyone has been dying from Covid for almost a year and there are alternatives to vaccination, such as HCQ and Ivermectin. Then there’s this from the comments.

Covid mortality/morbidity is incredibly unremarkable. One has a near 100% chance of surviving an infection. Over 99% of cases across the planet have made full, natural recoveries. Their immune systems have done the job and are better off for it. 

And here you are, fed up like all of us about the lockdowns but falling victim it seems to the obsession with under-developed, inadequately trialled & unapproved ‘vaccines’ as a means out of this mess. Such a naive, propagandised perspective! 

Yes, have your shot. They exist only to lessen the severity of your own symptoms should you get an infection. Not to protect others! But the pressure the media, the Govt. and the health industry at large are placing on Australians to get theirs is unethical at the very least! And who has to market/advertise a vaccine anyway? Doesn’t that speak volumes for the effectiveness and safety of the stuff? 

Being ‘vaccine-timid’ or vaccine hesitant may just save ones life! 

And many Australians favour their own healthy innate immune system over that of under-developed, unapproved drugs that have significant adverse reactions (including death). And where’s the general support for those people who aren’t as bloody vaccine obsessed as you lot! 

We shall see in a year or two.

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