You will not expel them

The best article I have seen on the recently-ended conflict: Hamas’s forever war against Israel has a glitch, and it isn’t Iron Dome. This is the glitch, and it is related to a story, told at the very end of the article, of a meeting between two top Israeli generals and General Giap, who led the Vietnamese army against the Americans.

When the Israelis rose to leave, Giap suddenly turned to the Palestinian issue. “Listen,” he said, “the Palestinians are always coming here and saying to me, ‘You expelled the French and the Americans. How do we expel the Jews?’”

The generals were intrigued. “And what do you tell them?”

“I tell them,” Giap replied, “that the French went back to France and the Americans to America. But the Jews have nowhere to go. You will not expel them.”

I am not sure how positive that is about the future, but it is undoubtedly the truth. Fascinating article from end to end and well worth your time.

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