Wake me when it’s over

Commercial programs like The Project have bought in to Woke big time. Picture: Ten

Commercial programs like The Project have bought into Woke big time.

I saw this article this morning – Woke is a genius brand, and a threat to our way of life – and was going to put it up but now they have put it on the front page of the online edition so it must have attracted a lot of readers besides myself. It really is exceptional. These are the elements identified of the woke brand but you need to go to the article to see these fleshed out.

You need to know your market
You need a brand promise.
You need a brand personality
You need a mission statement
You need a brand book that explains how the brand behaves in all circumstances and how it relates to the world
You need a brand strategy to dominate the competition
You need to identify what is known as the “customer journey” that maps the experience with the brand
You need “full funnel” marketing that builds awareness, consideration, and purchase
You need a social media strategy
You need point of sale
You need brand-specific DIY manuals with step-by-step instructions on how to buy in

He finishes with this:

Who owns this brand?

Everyone who wants a piece. It sells a grand narrative of achieving social justice through a collection of half thought out assertions. In reality, woke threatens to undermine the values of Western civilisation.

And who could he have in mind about this? Thousands of students join climate rally in Melbourne.

Protesters gather in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens for a climate rally on Friday.

As we read: ‘Josie, 14, from Richmond High School said not enough adults were taking action so students had to do it now. “It’s such a big issue. We have to step up,” she said.’

Thank goodness for all of these visionary 14-year olds.

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