This is from the Democrats

Part of the regular mailout I receive from Florida. No better proof than this that Liz Cheney had no place in among the Republicans. Utterly dishonest – the ad that is – but what else would you expect.? I’m sure they are really shocked. I, of course, am pleased to see her go, but she has been quite an insight into the political thoughts of George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney.

FIRST: Republicans expelled loyal Liz Cheney from her leadership position — all because she refused to support Trump’s election lies!

THEN: Trump attacked her! He called her “a bitter, horrible human being” and said he wants her OUT of politics.

NOW: Liz Cheney needs our support more than ever before. We need to show her that sticking to her values and standing up to Trump was RIGHT.

I stand with Liz Cheney


Thank you for standing up for what’s right,

– Progressive Turnout Project

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