They’re against it

Groucho was around a century ahead of his time, but the point is evident now at every turn. The left, the media and the academic world have gone mad. Whatever was once sane and mainstream, they’re against it. In that spirit, let me take you to this: Americans sleepwalking into a socialist nightmare. I think most Americans are perfectly aware of what is happening, but are unable to do a thing. The political process that was designed to protect them, is now their enemy. This is how the article ends, but it’s all worth a read.

We are witnessing a slew of progressive Democrats’ economic policies, which are disconnected from economic reality, wedded with a drive to consolidate as much power in the hands of Washington politicians and bureaucrats while creating ever greater dependence on the government for free money and more social programs. These are the ingredients for a top-down imposition of socialism on a country still struggling to recover from a pandemic that dealt a body blow to its economy. Mr. Biden’s proposals might very well be the knockout punch that flattens it.

Whatever might have been sound policy up until now, those at the top are against it. Who knows what is to follow, but nightmare might capture it exactly. To which might be added this: Disney Pushing Critical Race Theory Training On Employees, where this may be found:

The notion of individual achievement, the basis for our wealth and freedom, is now being utterly discarded. You are whatever group someone else decides to include you in along with whatever blame that imposed identity group must bear.

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