Happy Mother’s Day

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It is Mother’s Day, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers who have borne and been blessed with children. It may not be much of a point, but I am always pleased to see the spelling as Mother’s Day and not Mothers’ Day.

I am not going to wish anyone an HBPD – I am not even willing to print the words out in full. But I will bring it to your attention via this post from Instapundit. My only criticism of what follows is that there is nowhere enough emphasis on how mentally ill, sick and depraved one has to be to follow along with any of this.

Rep. Cori Bush referred to mothers as “birthing people.” This elicited immediate, and deserved, mockery from many folks on the right, including yours truly. NARAL—or, at least, NARAL’s Twitter person—rallied to her cause.

Birthing-person-of-pearl! (Or for those of a certain faith, Holy Birthing Person of God!) This is a seamless disco ball of absurdity, radiating inanity from every angle. If one of the core tenets of the new Great Awokening is that the term “mother” is divisive or bigoted, then the Great Awokening is doomed (and deservedly so). Don’t tell me conservatives are too obsessed with silly and divisive culture war “distractions,” if in the next breath you’re going to lecture me on the need to erase the term “mother” from the English language.

Why is this not totally discrediting to the left? How can anyone line up with such nutters? There are, no doubt, various social problems that need to be examined. This is not one of them.

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