The left/right divide we face today

This is Dennis Prager on the distinction between the left and the right. Making it of even more interest, the video begins with a long cut from Jordan Peterson on Q&A a few years back.

I also think the question Peterson asks, whether the questioner is better off than her grandparents were, might well be asked about whether her grandchildren will be better off than she is right now. That one is now hard to know. It might be like asking Russians in 1916 whether their grandchildren will be better off than they were right then. There is no “of course” about it.

Just saw this on Small Dead Animals and you would have to wonder what the data would look like if we asked the same question here.

In a normal, growing economy, each generation can expect a higher standard of living than the previous one. In Canada, we seem to be going in the opposite direction of normal. If the trend noted in this article continues, millennials will be lucky to buy a principal residence at about the time they would like to retire.

In the epicenter of the housing bubble, it’s particularly bad for an average income earner:

In Toronto, for example, where the median home price crossed $1 million in the first quarter, it now takes 278 months (23 years) to save up for a down payment. In Vancouver, where the price of a representative home is $1,381,274 and you need an income of $237,201 to afford it, you would have to save for 389 months (32.4 years) just for the down payment.

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