Leftism is a mental health disorder

White liberals more likely to have a mental health condition is just as it says.

White liberals are more prone to mental health disorders than individuals who identify as conservative or moderates, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Sixty-two percent of Whites who classify themselves as “very liberal” or “liberal” have been told by a doctor they have a mental health condition, as compared to 26% of conservatives and 20% of moderates, the study found.

Young White people who identified as “very liberal” were almost one and a half times more likely to report mental health problems than those who considered themselves “liberal.”

Although the Pew Study was published last year, Zach Goldberg, a doctoral candidate, consolidated the data on Twitter, which sparked a column by news magazine Evie trying to dissect why this actually is.

Mr. Goldberg speculated the disparity may be because White liberals were more likely to seek mental health evaluations than other ideologies. This could be a simple, and true, answer.

Yet, there’s a lot of drawbacks to believing in liberalism.

The entire ideology “forces its followers to wallow in feelings of helplessness and victimhood,” Evie noted, as opposed to “building resiliency against hardship,” which helps combat depression.

Then there’s this about the left and the Chinese flu.

Other polls show liberals have bought into the mainstream media’s panic porn surrounding COVID-19 more than other ideologies, also causing them more stress and fear.

The vast majority of Democrats overestimate the probability of being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19, compared to other ideologies, a Gallup survey found. There’s only a 1 to 5% chance of somebody with COVID-19 having to be hospitalized, yet 41% of Democrats’ believe there’s a greater than 50% chance. Only 10% of Democrat respondents in the survey knew the correct answer.

With all of this misinformation, it’s not surprising why Democrats are afraid to take off their masks even after they’ve been vaccinated or are outdoors, and why liberal governors have been reluctant to reopen their states.

With this comment which speaks for me as well.

Having been a left wing liberal when I was young, I know first hand that much of what the PEW study stems from is cognitive dissonance. You’re passionately trying to believe in an ideology that real world facts don’t fully comply with it. So you fudge and reinterpret the facts but down deep you know you’re not being totally honest with yourself. The solution is to reinforce it all and the dissonance increases, surfacing as irrational behavior and dogmatic bluster.

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