Ontario is a police province

It used to be home, now it’s a foreign country, very foreign! The whole country seems to be like this but the vid is about Ontario alone. Ontario is Canada’s largest province and when I was growing up the city I was born in was known as Tory Toronto. Nothing stays the same, and usually becomes much worse. This is unbelievable, although unfortunately very believable.

Victoria was almost like that except we have had zero cases of the Chinese flu for days (weeks) on end, so they eventually persuaded the premier to stand aside.** Oddly this is mostly about the Canadian health system which is a catastrophe although, so far as I can tell, Canadians are really proud of the virtually entirely provincially-run medical system which is worse than even the English system.

But no doubt this decision was poll-tested and in spite of the amount of resistance, you may be sure there is a solid majority who favour these measures. It’s not about the health system, it’s about personal valuation of freedom and human rights.

See also Ontario Announces Virus Restrictions That Cause Such a Huge Backlash, Even Police Won’t Enforce Them where this tweet may be found.

** Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is walking around and could be back at work soon, a month after a nasty fall on wet stairs landed him in hospital with spinal injuries. Acting Premier James Merlino said Mr Andrews’ doctors were happy with his progress and confirmed he was walking around. The Premier suffered broken ribs and spinal damage after falling at a holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula on March 9.

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